Starting Points

If you are anything like me you hesitate at the first post on any site you have entered wondering what you should say. Well here we are again wondering what should be said.

First allow me to welcome you to my world, located in the rolling foothills to the great Canadian Rockies where I have been afforded the pleasure of many great activities which I love to do. They are mainly outdoor related. Fly Fishing, Hiking, Photography and just being out in the most wonderful of playgrounds. 

I’m married to a wonderful lady, we have a family of three and three grandchildren and a rather well-known dog named “Quigley”. Also there are several tropical fish tanks in the house, I will not bore you by giving you the names  of the several hundred fish who reside here.

I recently retired after some fifty years of work and have began to pursue my passion to write. I have a seven book series completed, four have been published on with the remaining three soon to be released. The series has been named “Quiet Reflections” and all listed under my name.

The books are of the years I spent in the wilderness of the Yukon, the people who came into my life and the many adventures I was given to be dropped into some of the most remote locations known to man, by a dear friend who flew a helicopter.

This period and time in my life was a transition for me as I battled with addictions, a time of great healing and a time of coming to know and understand the man again.

I have also completed another seven books which are in the process of being edited, each are in the 50,000 word range, they are in a new and exciting genre I have found a home in of Christian/Fiction. I have given me the freedom simply create and loving the place I find myself in.  

Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit. I do hope you will be back. The theme of this blog is uncertain but it will come along soon. Please feel free to leave your comments should you have any, they would be well received."Sammy"

May you be blessed throughout this day….



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