The past three months have passed quickly since I last posted. Please allow me to catch up with you and maybe share a little as to all which has taken place this past while. 

To begin with the 4 books I had available on have done well and I now have a total of 10 listed on the site and they are doing better than I imagined. A blessing indeed as I continue to write. I have nearly completed a two book series called “Checkers Corner” and they will be added as the editing is nearly complete.

The area of Alberta Canada I call home has a friend who has returned call winter, complaints are abound already of the cold and the snow. They are saying this winter will be a long cold one. Blogging time will be easy to find during these times. 

This Blog I have started I would like to title it “The Fireside”. I have used this on another site I was involved in and many would gather and leave their comments and join ion the discussion. The subject matter would vary, mainly centred around current events which affect us all. Heart matters or what ever happened to hit the keyboard at the time. I would like to invite all who follow to get involved as you are welcomed.

“Quigley” is a part of the family and will be with us as we gather. Thus I have posted a picture of the infamous shadow who follows me around all day and generally takes up residence in front of the fireplace. Her pastime is having a ball tossed and waiting for the time when dad takes her for a walk or the favorite truck ride to do the daily run to town to get the mail and what ever is needed.

So please feel free to join in and say hello, tell us a little about yourself so we can all get to know you.

Blessings and Hugs 


The past three …

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