Morning Blessings

This day started with an awakening in the early hours of the morning. 2:11 am to be exact. Funny the way there are those days when we are called into the unknown as to the why me moments in life. 

Often it is just sit quiet and listen to that still voice within as to who to pray for or just to spend a special time with Him. This morning was to write in the final book of the three book series I have been working on lately called “Checkers Corner.” Nothing earth shattering to report in the events unfolding. Just an urgency to get this project completed. Once done it will sit a few weeks and I will come back to it with fresh eyes and catch the oversights when so many characters have come into play in the series. Who ever said writing was easy. 

We are still in the spring like weather here. Hard to believe it is January. I have a feeling we are going to pay for this in another little while. Welcome to Alberta weather. Should you not like what you see wait a few minutes and check it again. This morning at 2:15 it was a balmy +5 degrees which in the old Fahrenheit scale is 41 degrees. With a slight westerly wind I know we are going to be a blow soon. Snow is scheduled for the next few days. 

I have started to write again on a site I was involved with for the past few years and left, Hub Pages is a community of writers who share a common goal and that is to share. A great site where I have made many dear friends and I invite yoy to take a peek and see what you think. I can be found at

Blessings upon your day