ImageWhile sitting last night watching the setting sun and listening to the surf I found my mind drifting to those places where people have hurts. We are much like the tides of the ocean really. Each day is different for us all. There are days when we are filled with joy. Others maybe reflective and others when we feel defeated and filled with a sense of almost nothingness. 

People come and go from our lives. Some take from us and give little in return. Often they take a part of us as they leave. It is that same part we search for and struggle in our attempts to take the positive and leave the negative behind. As a Christian I believe in something called Soul Ties. We make them with people on a daily bases with a simple hello and or when relationships are formed. It is when we give a portion of ourselves to others and we take a portion of them onto ourselves. Soul Ties are more profound when a sexual relationship has taken place. Where you have given a portion of yourself to another and you have as well taken a portion of them onto yourself. 

The good news is they can be broken with a few simple words. By asking that all portions of yourself be returned to you. You as well need to ask that all you have taken from the other be returned to them. There are many good sites on the subject one I would recommend is from a lady named Terri at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgPi_UkXXJM

Nature is a great healer for me. It has taken some of the hardest things in life and brought much joy for me. Maybe that explains why I have been a loner the better part of my life. Social yes and yet there are those days when I need to separate and just be myself. Take the time to just sit and rest today and get to know yourself again. Above all else forgive yourself and know that you are dearly loved by all whom you touch in life. I have no idea why I have written this today but I have and I do hope there is some comfort that comes with reading these few simple words. 

Hugs from Canada… © Rolly A. Chabot 


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