Season of Language



Welcome to a quite day here in Alberta, a day of reflection of the season which is sadly drawing to a close. Fall has already settled in with farmers working hard to gather the bounty of their efforts, geese are on the move and the last of the outside yard chores are being completed. We have an anticipation in the air of what is to come as we hear snow has already dropped to the lower levels in the mountains to the West. Face it we will, the dreaded winter is fast closing in on us.

Welcome all who follow along to this very sadly neglected blog. The reasons are many so I will just keep it simple and call myself lazy. There, it has been said. I think we are all guilty to a particular degree of starting something with full intentions, and yet life takes over and here we are trying to make amends, most likely after such a long while only to ourselves.

If have been noticing and increasing anger in social media these past several months where taboo, rude comments have been surfacing. The sad part is the writer is devastated, especially when all they are trying to communicate is a positive and loving environment. It is so sad to see the devastation it can cause. If we as a society have reached a point of having to hide behind the computer screen and pass out the vile so freely, is it any wonder we see these acts of senseless violence being played out across the globe.

Abuse comes in many forms, physical, mental, emotional. Sometimes it comes from those we expect love us. It is a new abuse when it comes from a total unseen stranger who lurks in places unknown because they can. The pain they cause is real and can have some long lasting adverse results. Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the insults just continues on their confused and distorted path they have chosen to follow.

Admittedly not all days are the happy-clappy days we would like to have. There will be some filled with the loss of a loved one, personal issues we all face, the reasons are many. The key is how we deal with them. Do we choose the negative or so we look for the positive in the positive, what do we feed the most is the result of how we choose to live? Decide to follow the poor me road and you will be reduced in many ways. Choose to follow a positive outlook and you will be blessed. No matter what others say or post in social media we have a choice of following what has been spoken or seeking the positive. Which path do you choose to follow?

For those who choose to leave their nasty comments on the various blog sites, social media sites etc. all I can say for them is I feel so sorry for you because you live in a world you have created of your own. I sincerely hope you grasp the rope of love people extend to you and climb from the pit of despair you live in. Look up and see the sunshine, it is there for the taking.

© Rolly A. Chabot