Season of Language



Welcome to a quite day here in Alberta, a day of reflection of the season which is sadly drawing to a close. Fall has already settled in with farmers working hard to gather the bounty of their efforts, geese are on the move and the last of the outside yard chores are being completed. We have an anticipation in the air of what is to come as we hear snow has already dropped to the lower levels in the mountains to the West. Face it we will, the dreaded winter is fast closing in on us.

Welcome all who follow along to this very sadly neglected blog. The reasons are many so I will just keep it simple and call myself lazy. There, it has been said. I think we are all guilty to a particular degree of starting something with full intentions, and yet life takes over and here we are trying to make amends, most likely after such a long while only to ourselves.

If have been noticing and increasing anger in social media these past several months where taboo, rude comments have been surfacing. The sad part is the writer is devastated, especially when all they are trying to communicate is a positive and loving environment. It is so sad to see the devastation it can cause. If we as a society have reached a point of having to hide behind the computer screen and pass out the vile so freely, is it any wonder we see these acts of senseless violence being played out across the globe.

Abuse comes in many forms, physical, mental, emotional. Sometimes it comes from those we expect love us. It is a new abuse when it comes from a total unseen stranger who lurks in places unknown because they can. The pain they cause is real and can have some long lasting adverse results. Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the insults just continues on their confused and distorted path they have chosen to follow.

Admittedly not all days are the happy-clappy days we would like to have. There will be some filled with the loss of a loved one, personal issues we all face, the reasons are many. The key is how we deal with them. Do we choose the negative or so we look for the positive in the positive, what do we feed the most is the result of how we choose to live? Decide to follow the poor me road and you will be reduced in many ways. Choose to follow a positive outlook and you will be blessed. No matter what others say or post in social media we have a choice of following what has been spoken or seeking the positive. Which path do you choose to follow?

For those who choose to leave their nasty comments on the various blog sites, social media sites etc. all I can say for them is I feel so sorry for you because you live in a world you have created of your own. I sincerely hope you grasp the rope of love people extend to you and climb from the pit of despair you live in. Look up and see the sunshine, it is there for the taking.

© Rolly A. Chabot 



Those We Love


There is a joyful sadness that has settled in over my heart this day as I watched my mother who has reached the grand age of 91 struggle with her words in her attempts to share her thoughts. She openly admits her frustration at not being able to speak what is on her mind. Is this what we have to look forward to as we age is the question I ponder this night. 

I think the hardest part is each time I come to visit her memory is slowly disappearing. Today was likely the hardest as she struggled to remember who I was. Over the years I have been told that I ressemble my Dad in many ways. It has been 6 yeas since he passed away. Today as Mom looked deeply at me and traced her hands over my features she saw Dad in me and broke out in tears many times and called me by his name. It is comforting to know there is still some recognition there for the man she spent 63 years with as a married couple.

For those of you who know me my childhood was not the best and my relationship with Mom was strained at times and yet there was a mutual understanding of love, especially over the past several years. Tonight as I have been thinking of this I realize her concern was over my welfare was all she had during those hard years. You see I certainly drifted of of the expected life path for several years. There were many prayers lifted for me during those years. In 2000 I finally found the way I had been searching for and gave my life to the Lord.

I recall many a prayer as a child where Mom and Dad would pray that God grant them a son or daughter who would become a priest or a nun. It was to happen but not in the faith they had been raised in. I was ordained as a Pastor a few years later and led both of them to the Lord. Even today as I was visiting I took Mom out to listen to a gospel group singing and found the memory may be slipping but the spirit that lives within Mom is still alive and well as she sang some old familiar hymns.

For those who have seen the loss of memory of a parent I know it is hard to witness. Take peace in knowing deep inside they understand and wait for those moments od clarity when they speak of what really is within. It is those times where we can find peace and be filled with joy.

© Rolly A. Chabot   

Free Offering

Life is getting back to somewhat of a normal pace again after some time away. It is good to be home and in the comfort of te familiar. I think all of us are creatures of habit really and habit is where we find peace. Not that I do not like adventure and all but it is always nice to snuggle into a familiar bed. 

 I have created a free download link for a novel the first in a two book series called “Smoothwolf” It is the first in a two part novel series centered around the life and times of a young Blackfoot Native man named Wes Nickel who has seen his share of terrible things in life. Through his own great efforts he has overcome and created a life he can be proud of. Follow along in the journey and I do hope you enjoy.

The link will be active until Friday. Please feel free to download this copy.

If you do not own a Kindle you can download a Kindle app to your computer and read it there. I hope you enjoy… Blessings and Hugs from Canada and I would love your feedback.

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ImageWhile sitting last night watching the setting sun and listening to the surf I found my mind drifting to those places where people have hurts. We are much like the tides of the ocean really. Each day is different for us all. There are days when we are filled with joy. Others maybe reflective and others when we feel defeated and filled with a sense of almost nothingness. 

People come and go from our lives. Some take from us and give little in return. Often they take a part of us as they leave. It is that same part we search for and struggle in our attempts to take the positive and leave the negative behind. As a Christian I believe in something called Soul Ties. We make them with people on a daily bases with a simple hello and or when relationships are formed. It is when we give a portion of ourselves to others and we take a portion of them onto ourselves. Soul Ties are more profound when a sexual relationship has taken place. Where you have given a portion of yourself to another and you have as well taken a portion of them onto yourself. 

The good news is they can be broken with a few simple words. By asking that all portions of yourself be returned to you. You as well need to ask that all you have taken from the other be returned to them. There are many good sites on the subject one I would recommend is from a lady named Terri at

Nature is a great healer for me. It has taken some of the hardest things in life and brought much joy for me. Maybe that explains why I have been a loner the better part of my life. Social yes and yet there are those days when I need to separate and just be myself. Take the time to just sit and rest today and get to know yourself again. Above all else forgive yourself and know that you are dearly loved by all whom you touch in life. I have no idea why I have written this today but I have and I do hope there is some comfort that comes with reading these few simple words. 

Hugs from Canada… © Rolly A. Chabot 


Morning Blessings

This day started with an awakening in the early hours of the morning. 2:11 am to be exact. Funny the way there are those days when we are called into the unknown as to the why me moments in life. 

Often it is just sit quiet and listen to that still voice within as to who to pray for or just to spend a special time with Him. This morning was to write in the final book of the three book series I have been working on lately called “Checkers Corner.” Nothing earth shattering to report in the events unfolding. Just an urgency to get this project completed. Once done it will sit a few weeks and I will come back to it with fresh eyes and catch the oversights when so many characters have come into play in the series. Who ever said writing was easy. 

We are still in the spring like weather here. Hard to believe it is January. I have a feeling we are going to pay for this in another little while. Welcome to Alberta weather. Should you not like what you see wait a few minutes and check it again. This morning at 2:15 it was a balmy +5 degrees which in the old Fahrenheit scale is 41 degrees. With a slight westerly wind I know we are going to be a blow soon. Snow is scheduled for the next few days. 

I have started to write again on a site I was involved with for the past few years and left, Hub Pages is a community of writers who share a common goal and that is to share. A great site where I have made many dear friends and I invite yoy to take a peek and see what you think. I can be found at

Blessings upon your day 





We are fast closing the year 2011. It has been a year of much reflection, change and a year of often sitting back and looking at the road I have travelled. Interesting and a year of great change and filled with many blessings.

In Biblical times the men of the Bible would stop at a significant place and build an altar where something important took place. Maybe the building of a nation, a new land or on the occasion of something monumental in their lives. Have I built any this year?

I suppose I could say I have by taking on a new role in life. Retirement is a wonderful thing we all look forward too. It is one of those final steps into what are known as the golden years. A time when we can at last do all the things we once could only dream about. For me it is a little different “Retirement has meant Refirement.” It has meant taking a whole new direction in life. I spend my days in the office now writing, some would consider retirement should be spending the days on the golf course or fishing. Well, I do get my share of both but my focus now has become one where I can redirect my energy in sharing some life experience. 

I think back over the years and look at the many great mentors who have come and gone in my life and what they fed into me in their time. My dad was such a man his accomplishments were many. His teachings have become invaluable. Dad has joined his heavenly Father in 2006 at the age of 93 after many years of serving. He taught me to serve and too serve in the way of compassion and love. He taught me the love of the outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping. I miss him dearly and often think it would be nice to be able to sit once more and just talk and share with him the what and where in life I find myself and seek his advice.

Take the time this year to record your thoughts, your values and your goals. They are all a part of the road we must travel. Thank those who have invested into you and give back what you have learned. Above all know that you are dearly loved, first by the Father above and then by each life you touch.

Blessings as always…



The past three months have passed quickly since I last posted. Please allow me to catch up with you and maybe share a little as to all which has taken place this past while. 

To begin with the 4 books I had available on have done well and I now have a total of 10 listed on the site and they are doing better than I imagined. A blessing indeed as I continue to write. I have nearly completed a two book series called “Checkers Corner” and they will be added as the editing is nearly complete.

The area of Alberta Canada I call home has a friend who has returned call winter, complaints are abound already of the cold and the snow. They are saying this winter will be a long cold one. Blogging time will be easy to find during these times. 

This Blog I have started I would like to title it “The Fireside”. I have used this on another site I was involved in and many would gather and leave their comments and join ion the discussion. The subject matter would vary, mainly centred around current events which affect us all. Heart matters or what ever happened to hit the keyboard at the time. I would like to invite all who follow to get involved as you are welcomed.

“Quigley” is a part of the family and will be with us as we gather. Thus I have posted a picture of the infamous shadow who follows me around all day and generally takes up residence in front of the fireplace. Her pastime is having a ball tossed and waiting for the time when dad takes her for a walk or the favorite truck ride to do the daily run to town to get the mail and what ever is needed.

So please feel free to join in and say hello, tell us a little about yourself so we can all get to know you.

Blessings and Hugs 


The past three …